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You could be eligible for up to $50,000 AUD in financial assistance


Are you a small to medium Victorian business seeking to boost your business or export activity with Asia?

Do you employ 20 to 200 staff or have an annual turnover of greater than $1.5 million?

You could be eligible for up to $50,000 AUD in funding to support your Asian market development planning and market entry strategy.

Under the Victorian Government's new Asia Gateway Voucher Program, your business may be eligible for up to $50,000 AUD worth of funding for tailored assistance from Asia Point.

Part of the state's ‘Boost Your Business’ initiative, the innovative program enables small and medium organisations to receive funding of up to $50,000, on a one-to-one co-contribution basis.

The vouchers can help your Victorian businesses or organisation to enter new export markets, develop and implement market development plans, optimise and secure new growth opportunities, and receive customised in-market support.

As a Registered Service Provider, Asia Point can assist Voucher Recipients across multiple industries and in the Viet Nam and China markets. Asia Point has been selected as a market-leading service provider and partner of choice for Victorian businesses to develop their practical Asian market know-how, networks and skills.

Our team of highly-skilled South-East Asian market and sector specialists, business practitioners and market intelligence professionals is on call to discuss how we can service your Asia Gateway Voucher needs.





Majority of young people possess a pro western mindset and speak multiple languages.


Labour costs in Vietnam are considered the cheapest in all potential outsourcing countries.

Stability in country

Ho Chi Minh is considered a very stable economy and the government is investing in infrastructure and training of people.


English is the most popular foreign language


No natural disasters in Ho Chi Minh

And More…

China is the manufacturing hub of the world

China is the world’s second largest economy

Chinese consumer spending is projected to rise to $6.16 trillion annually in 2020. China will be the top global luxury market at $245 trillion.

79% of all foreign companies in China make money. The number is higher than ever.



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We Love Asia Point

We set up this business purely to help others expand offshore and not be afraid of having a go. It can be a daunting task and requires an enormous amount of effort for the uninitiated. We have been growing our business offshore for a few years now and know the tricks and pit falls of buying and selling in Asian countries. We can help others fast track their success on the back of our vast experience. Life is an adventure. We love to travel and meet new people and understand new cultures. We love a challenge.



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